Herbal Teas - buy an assortment of herbal tea blends and loose leaf harbal teas including detox teas at TeaHippie.com

Herbal teas can be a mixture of many types of plants,seeds and spices.

Or just a single herb on its own such as peppermint or Rooibos for example.

If you are looking for a detox tea or an extra boost for a particular health reason or just a good cup of caffeine free tea, herbal tea is just what you may need. Enjoy!

Water temperature for herbal teas:

Boil your kettle and let stand for less than a minute. The roots, fruit, barks etc. need the heat to extract all those good things.

The great thing about fruit teas, rooibos tea and many types of herbal teas is that you can allow them to steep for quite a long time.