Oolong Teas buy online at TeaHippie.com, choose from our premium grade of loose leaf Oolong teas. Buy Oolong tea online in a variety of flavors today!Oolong tea is such a unique tea. With the withering process then the twisting or rolling of the leaves, the taste can be woody with a roasted aroma all the way to a fresh green with fruity notes.

Packed with antioxidants, Oolong tea also has many health benefits; can boost metabolism, lowers cholesterol and increases our mental alertness. Try some Oolong tea today!

Water temperature for Oolong teas:

180 degrees to 200 is great for oolong tea. The water in the kettle should look like “Fish eyes”. The kettle can boil but then let it rest for 2 minutes before pouring.

Oolong leaves really enjoy multiple steeps. These leaves can be added directly into your cup. This process allows them to take full advantage of your cup and or pot and burst open. The more room tea leaves have to open, the better the taste and that’s what really is important after all.