The Beginning


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“I was walking through the Parkland mall in Red Deer, Alberta one day, when I looked up at the skylights and said out loud, ‘I think I’ll open up a tea store in Cochrane!’ ”

And Tea Hippie was born.

It all started in 2003 when Kelly Joyner moved out to the quiet town of Cochrane to be closer to her family. The store, originally titled Tea… And Other Things, first opened up with around 70 different types of teas. The store was an instant success, and quickly grew to 200 special blends from around the world, ranging from fruity blends to rare Chinese puerhs and everything in between.


Her passion for tea continued to grow. In 2010, the store was basically overflowing with teas that Kelly knew she needed to expand, and so they moved into a bigger store which eventually held over 450 teas. Many of them, her own blends.

With a store full of teas (and other things), Kelly wanted to spread her love for the delicious brew with even more people. was her first step on going online, where she began selling special blends related strictly to pop culture. It soon grew to large, and Kelly knew what the next step would be.

‘Peace, love, and eternal grooviness’ has been her personal saying since she opened in her new store. Kelly is a die hard hippie, and for anyone who has met her even briefly would say the same. Not only is she passionate about tea, she is passionate about the nature around her as well. She wanted her website to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and so it is.



Tea Hippie is dedicated to keeping customers, and the earth, happy. All packaging used for is 100% recyclable and Mother Nature approved. All tea in our website is 100% fair trade, naturally flavoured, and delicious.

Thank you to all who could make our dreams come true. We would not be here today if we hadn’t had all of you sharing our love for tea!

And if you happen to live in or be passing through Cochrane, feel free to stop by our store and share a cup of tea with us!

“There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met.” – William Butler Yeats

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